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Abbey Window Blinds
Abbey Window Blinds
Quality, Value & Choice since 1991

Abbey Blinds

Our original manufacturing point established in 1991 providing full retail and fitting service direct to the public. Our immense experience of window coverings and shading is unequalled as is the trade unique 'all fabrics one price' policy we have maintained from day one.

Blinds Local Ltd

Blinds Local is our trade platform with comprehensive supply, nurture and support modules for all levels of trade participation. Whilst all around us is steadily being acquired and consumed by the 'big boys', we have created a model that we are keen to share with you.

Abbey Bazaar Ltd

Our active and widespread ecommerce arm - Bazaar - is a collection of niche online window blind outlets. Although addressed direct to the public we are able to assist those partners who aspire to an online presence by including them in our manufacture and deliver program.

Our Production

Our pride lies in our ability to manufacture all blind types with quality and expertise, built and expanded over the last 30+ years. We have 4 production facilities including R&D and training departments.
Recently we have opened our latest addition to the ABG family, a new production unit manufacturing quality polysilk vinyl shutters where we can offer turnaround times measured in days and weeks rather than months and half years.
UK manufacturing always the key.

Websites - Our Speciality

Our strength lies within our collection of domains whether specific to product or general ecommerce, trade ordering portals and online shop presence we share with our trade partners. Having a site is one thing, it is after all a necessity, creating pathways so that the site is discoverable is something our inhouse team have become very accomplished at over the years.

Blinds Local Network

Blinds Local Ltd - this is our national network of product supply to the trade with an ongoing, proactive campaign in the background. We can establish our partnerships at any required level, from total novice start up training to helping partners advance their existing operation. Providing leads, advice and nurturing achievement at all levels. Essentially offering everything that we felt was not available or missing along our journey, you can only gain knowledge from the issues experienced.
One of the things that we have learned is that big multi national companies do not understand the end user Customer requirements and expectations. You do not have to be of size in order to create your own place in a saturated market and we believe our network vision allows the participants to make the most out of filling the gaps left by these shortcomings, things that only front line operatives can appreciate..

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